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CCTV Solutions for Schools & Universities

Keeping Pupils and Staff Safe

Using the latest in CCTV security technology, we design and build complete purpose-built solutions tailored to your specific needs to help provide a safe environment for both children, staff, and visitors.


CCTV in schools is an excellent method for both monitoring and controlling the movements of staff and pupils. The ability to capture evidence of bullying, violence towards both staff and children, truancy, vandalism, and theft is especially useful.


Regrettably, bullying and peer to peer violence often occurs when a teacher's back is turned. CCTV has proven very useful in establishing what really did happen and who was the initial offender. This is especially useful when parents become involved and has often been very helpful in defusing volatile situations.

Smart cameras not only provides ultra high-definition image quality, but using the intelligent features allow a much greater number of tasks to be automated for example the cameras can be configured to mark the timeline whenever movement is detected in there field of view, meaning that you can search many hours of video footage in just a few minutes.

Ultra smart features include;

  • Region of Interest

  • Facial Detection

  • Scene Change

  • Intrusion & Tripwire Detection

  • people counting

  • ANPR

  • Thermal Imaging


Protection for staff and children


This gives the ability to monitor who is collecting children, and if a child goes missing during the day, the school will be able to establish whether the child left the building of their own accord or were taken by someone else. It also provides the school with the ability to determine who collected the child.

CCTV security for nurseries &



CCTV monitoring of school entrances, corridors, communal areas and car parks can be especially useful for staff to ensure that no unauthorised personnel enter the premises or loiter outside.


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