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Commercial Satellite & Aerial Solutions

(IRS)The Best Solution

for landlords and residents

A Communal Integrated Reception System (IRS) is the only practical way to provide everything for everyone - it provides all the digital services to every household or flat. With the full range of services delivered to their homes, residents can make their own choice as to which they use to suit their requirements and financial capabilities.

Whether you are a private landlord, a commercial builder or a housing association, there is an expectation from tenants to be able to receive any combination of Sky HD Sky Q, Freesat, Freeview, FM and DAB services in their household or apartment.

With the Communal IRS TV solution, all of these services are available from a single aerial and satellite dish combination. Additionally, by providing the full range of digital services the accommodation becomes much more desirable and there is no longer a need for residents to install their own unsightly aerials or dishes.

IRS Multi Satellite Distribution

The IRS system can also be tailored to provide additional satellite reception for other European countries for example, the ability to receive Polish, German, Italian, French etc. all from a single or multi-dish aerial combination.

Specialist integrated reception system installers for commercial property

Older Communal TV Systems & Digital Switchover

Master Antenna TV system (MATV) - The older MATV systems are generally unsuitable for carrying Freeview Digital television services and need to be replaced or upgraded. This is because of the type of control equipment and cables which degrade over time and become unsuitable for carrying the new digital signals.


Satellite Master Antenna TV system (SMATV) - This type of system is designed to incorporate a number of satellite channels which are then combined with digital services onto a cable distribution system for viewing on a standard TV receiver at each TV point.


These types of systems are limited and are generally used in hotels, prisons, hospitals and care homes. In some cases these systems can be upgraded to receive Freeview but not satellite.



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