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CCTV Business Solutions

Intelligent Commercial Security & CCTV Solutions

Much More Than Security

Our IP CCTV solutions offers higher clarity images (4K) fewer cameras are required to cover a large area, saving time and money on the installation in addition to offering;

  • Easy system installation

  • Greater system flexibility and system integration

  • Feature rich and reliable products

  • Future proof and scalable installation

  • Excellent performance and value

Ultra-smart CCTV

Smart cameras not only provides ultra high-definition image quality, but also bring intelligent video surveillance which can prove invaluable when managing day-to-day business operations is very cost-effective and provides 24/7 supervision.

  • Region of Interest

  • Facial Detection

  • Scene Change

  • Intrusion & Tripwire Detection

  • people counting

  • ANPR

  • Thermal Imaging

Intelligent Features

Ultra-Smart Solutions not only provide ultra high-definition image quality but using built-in video analysis and intelligent algorithms can be configured to trigger events based on Tripwire, Intrusion and Abandoned/Missing events as well as providing useful data for retail premises and businesses alike.

Facial Detection

Facial detection can be accurately used to detect people’s faces appearing in the video and capture facial images. It will then send it to the NVR for analysis and processing, it can activate snapshot, record and alarm. 

Intrusion Detection

Detecting moving objects in the protection area, identifying possible incidents, logging information and reporting attempts. The intrusion object is automatically analysed, greatly reducing the frequency of false alarms.

Scene Change Detection

Scene Change Detection is able to detect if a camera has been tampered i.e. if a camera has been covered or moved, causing a scene change. This will trigger an alarm, alerting the user.

Abandoned/Missing Detection

Ultra-Smart IP cameras can automatically detect missing or abandoned objects in complex environments.

Tripwire Detection

Ultra-Smart IP cameras can detect intruders crossing a tripwire set by the user. It can either record, take a snapshot or sound an alarm according to the judgement result. 

Heat Map

Heat map analysis offers a visualisation of the footfall within the camera’s field of view. This is ideal for business intelligence and operational efficiency applications, particularly for the retail market.

People Counting

People counting is ideal for retail environments, schools, banks, recreation facilities, prisons, airports and other environments that require intelligent customer and operational insight.

Workplace Heath & Safety

Specialist installers for CCTV
4K & HD Specialist network work installers for CCTV

Retail Security

Retail CCTV

Face Recognition

ultra-smart  CCTV face recognition

Face Recognition can be used in many different environments providing higher security especially when combined with access control.

Leasing - The Complete Solution

Product leasing
CCTV Health and safety in the workplace

ANPR Solutions

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)

ANPR solutions are include in our Dahua cameras and software that runs on either the camera or a server. It automatically captures license plates in real time

  • Health and safety in the workplace.

  • Additional protection for staff working out of hours.

  • Collection and deliveries.

  • Premises security.

  • Stock security.

  • Staff timekeeping.

  • Protection for public-facing staff.

  • Monitoring public access and yard areas.

  • Goods packing area to ensure goods are packed and dispatched.

  • Parking Management.

  • Transport safety and monitoring.

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