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Sky HD Satellite

Satellite dish installation - overcoming where Sky cannot install

Sky can't install? Trees in the way? Grade II listed? Difficult roof access? Hetra Media Ltd. offers high quality, discrete installation of satellite dishes at any height or location - vary rarely do we come across a problem we cannot overcome. Give us a call to discuss your situation.

Sky repairs - HD not recording?

Satellite television not working?

Sky Q

Our engineers carry all of the replacement parts to get your Sky service working again. From precise satellite dish alignment to replacing your Sky Plus HD box.

Existing Sky HD & Multi-Screen Installations

We are specialist at discrete satellite dish installations and cabling to our client's requirements with careful thought and planning is often possible to hide the satellite dish and a majority of the unsightly cables associated with Sky installations.

We also provide wired and wireless network solutions so that you can get the most out of your multi-room or sky Q installation.

Sky Q satellite receivers are only available through sky, but we are still able to provide specialist satellite dish installations and cabling to your own requirements prior to the installation of sky Q

Sky Q & Wi-Fi Issues

Wi-Fi keeps dropping or runs very slow for no reason, problem connecting or using Wireless Sky Q mini boxes.


Don’t forget video on demand uses a lot of bandwidth which can cause your Wi-Fi to grind to a halt, often a better solution would be to connect these mini boxes directly to the network.

With just about everything now connecting to the Internet having good quality Wi-Fi is becoming critical as nothing is more frustrating than a slow connection or a dropped network connection.

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Network Solutions That Work

We specialise in resolving Wi-Fi and network connectivity issues and can provide seamless Wi-Fi which also allows you to manage users on your network

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