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Affordable Fast Satellite Internet

We are Satellite Internet Specialists and can supply affordable, high speed broadband to rural and remote areas. For FREE professional advice and quotation for a system that is tailored to suit your needs and networking requirements, call 01245 330078.


Up to 20 Mbps download speeds


Broadband via Satellite is simply another method of supplying your internet. It is particularly useful to those in poor service areas such as rural locations were the phone infrastructure is dated and unsuitable for carrying high data rates. Basically it is a satellite dish much like your Sky dish, which will send and receive your internet data. Combine this with a Sat-Modem and you have the internet sent via a satellite.


All that is required for this particular system to work effectively is a clear view of the southern sky and a suitable location for the satellite dish.


Is Broadband via Satellite right for me?


There is always the question, "Is this really what I need? Is this going to do what I want?"


This type of system is there to provide a fast internet service to a family home, business, or office that cannot get a good, fast, or reliable service from your telecoms provider.


It is also an excellent backup solution for businesses when internet connectivity is critical to maintain services.


There are some limitations which need to be carefully considered and with our experience and expertise we are best positioned to provide the best, most cost effective system and advice.

Commerical & Home Office Solutions


Outstanding geographical coverage and affordable, reliable, high speed, business-grade broadband whatever your location or existing local telecoms infrastructure.


Satellite broadband can also be configured to complement your existing fast internet connection providing an additional level of redundancy if the existing terrestrial broadband fails.

What will it cost?


We provide a free, no obligation survey to discuss in detail your needs and the most cost-effective solution.


Currently the packages range from £9.95 to £69.95 depending on what type of internet user you are.  If you would like more information please call our specialist team on 01245 330078.


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