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The very best Digital TV aerial installation by a team of experienced and qualified engineers, backed by our 3 year guarantee, and first class service.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In all circumstance’s engineers will follow Public Health guidelines. If anyone is symptomatic of the virus or self-isolating in the household then an engineer will not visit.

If you and anyone in your household are not symptomatic or self-isolating, then an engineer might attend but will observe strict social distancing (2 metre min) and strict hand hygiene rules and appropriate personal protection equipment (hand washing before and after the visit, and use of disposable gloves, masks, anti bac wipes for remotes etc, as appropriate) .


If a problem can be resolved without entering a viewer’s home, it will be, and payment must be made by card or BACS only and invoices/correspondence will be sent by email or post.

24/7 surveillance and remote monitoring using your own smart phone, tablet or computer without the cost of an expensive monitoring station

Our smart wireless alarm systems are at the heart of your home security, providing protection, peace of mind and control.


with the ability to manage your smart home security through your smart phone tablet or PC anywhere any time with 24/7 monitoring if required


We can provide a TV Set Up & Installation Services, with hidden cabling and remote access or control for sky, Blu-ray, DVD, media server, games consoles and surround sound systems.

We can also set up your smart TV so that it can be used with your smart phone, tablet, catch up TV and other Internet services


Home Office & Seamless Wi-Fi



A communal Integrated Reception System (IRS) is the best and only practical way to provide everything for everyone - it provides all the digital terrestrial and satellite services from a single aerial and dish combination to each household or flat.

When combined with Wi-Fi this is a perfect solution for multi-occupancy buildings as it ticks all the boxes for tenants.

Our home office network solutions are designed to provide outstanding results using a combination of both wired and wireless access to provide seamless interruption when using tablets or phones.

 TV Wall Mounting



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